Smart Washing Machine

We don’t think of laundry as a chore that requires a lot of technology, but when you see a smart washing machine, you’ll change your tune!  After all, laundry has come a long way since we beat our clothes on a rock by the river or even used a hand-wringer to wash our clothes.  You need to be able to get your clothes clean without taking too much time, energy or resources. The best smart washing machine will take your laundry to the next level.

What is a smart washing machine?

“Smart” is a word that is often thrown around in the tech industry, but in perusing smart washing machine reviews, we’re going to have to say the best smart washing machine out there really deserves the title “smart.”

A Smart washing Machine is wireless!

You’re busy and you want to be able to get tedious, routine chores done, yes?  The best smart washing machine will allow you to do just that.  Say you want to have your laundry washed by the time you get home from work.  In theory, you could just throw in a load to wash while you’re at work, and then pop it in the dryer when you get home.  That’s all fine and dandy, but anyone who has left wet wash too long knows that clothes can get musty if you don’t take them from the washing machine right away!

Instead of letting your laundry sit for eight to ten hours after the washing cycle is over, your smart washing machine can be started remotely from your smart phone.  You can tell it to start just as you’re on your way home from work to come home to a fresh load of clean clothes all ready to go.

Or maybe you’re the forgetful sort.  In looking at some smart washing machine reviews, we’ve seen people who have programmed their smart washing machine to send a message to their smartphone telling them that their laundry is done!  You’re not tethered inside the house when you have the best smart washing machine.  Oh, no!  You can be out of earshot of your smart washing machine –be it working outside, relaxing out on the deck, or even in an apartment seven floors up from the laundry room.  That little smartphone app will let you know that it’s time to take care of your clean laundry and give you the freedom to do more than hang out beside your smart washing machine.

The Best Smart Washing Machine Gives Remote Control

A smart washing machine isn’t just about being able to start and stop it from remote location.  Oh, no! A smart washing machine will allow the user to select the best washing cycle for their laundry, change cycles on the fly and monitor the entire cycle selection process from anywhere they have their smartphone.

Freedom from Manuals with a Smart Washer

Is your house stuffed with user manuals for all the electronic gadgets you have acquired?  While you love the gadget, the user manual sure seems like a backwards waste of space.  Well, that problem is cured with a smart washer.  The smart washing machine not only has an electronic manual, but is programmed to self-diagnose and give the user information on any problem that may sometimes come up.  When you use a smart washer, won’t it be a help to get information right on your smart washer screen or smartphone?

Smart Washing Machine Reviews Reveal More Features

Remote control of a smart washing machine is all very nice.  But what about the washing process?  What’s smart about that?  Throw in your clothes, wash and you’re done!  Technology has certainly reached its peak with the washing process, so surely we don’t need smart washing machines in the wash process, do we?

That couldn’t be more wrong.

The best smart washing machines are like a personal laundry assistant

The best smart washing machine can detect what kind of clothing you want to wash using RFID technology.  No more mixing up of darks and lights in a smart washing machine.  In detecting the type of clothing you add to it, a smart washing machine can recommend wash temperature settings, detergent type, whether or not fabric softener is recommended and so much more.  In smart washing machine reviews, you’d think that these users have a personal washing assistant at all times to help them preserve their clothing and keep it wearing at its best for longer.  We’re in favor of that and certainly love our own personal laundry assistant.

Do you have sterilization needs when you do laundry?  A smart washing machine is your ticket to perfect cleanliness there!  Whether you’re using cloth diapers, you have a medical professional in the family or are just concerned with sterilizing cleanup rags.  You don’t have to use bleach to sterilize with a smart washing machine.  A smart washing machine has a steam-clean sanitize cycle that will eliminate 99.9% of certain types of bacteria – all without using harsh chemicals.

Smart Washing Machines Save Energy

While the best smart washing machine is a large-capacity machine, it is more efficient.  A smart washing machine can be counted on to have a 25% shorter wash cycle.  Shorter wash cycles translate into big savings for the lucky person who has a smart washing machine.   Yet, we all know that conserving water is a very important part of saving resources.  How would you like to be able to wash your laundry in 75% less water with your smart washing machine over a traditional washing machine.  Not only that, the best smart washing machines have a cold-clean cycle that will get your clothes clean without using hot water, saving on the expense of heating your water. Saving money means saving the environment, so a smart washing machine is your best bet not only for convenience but to go green.

With all of the advantages of a smart washing machine, we hope you’ll avail yourself of the convenience, energy savings and superior cleaning capabilities of the best smart washing machines.